P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by stanic_worship, 04/01, 13:09

Moses and Bakayoko were poor (but the latter got better in the second half), the Fabregas booking was annoying as meant he had to stop putting himself about, he was great until that point.

Morata, it was there for all to see - I'd be more worried if he wasn't getting into a position to miss them, but he does have to work on his finishing if he intends to be a top class striker.

Tibo superb, Hazard ran the game, Kante quietly the engine in the middle, solid at the back largely (although we shouldn't have invited them on, as the result when we did was slightly inevitable).

Thought Conte made decent subs (I know not everyone agrees) and approached the game well.

Perfect result before the game, but given how it went and the chance at the end, bit gutted really.

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