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by OSGOODWASGOOD, 09/04, 18:35

As I have mentioned elsewhere, we are spot on, B, IMO.
If Messi or Ronaldo have off days, their teams still manage to win.
Hazard has an off day, we rarely trouble even the most average of teams, and fans get on his back.
We need pace on our wings, and the midfield creating space for him in front of him, Alonso, Moses and Fabregas can’t/don’t do that.
I personally reckon he would be a better option for City, to replace the overrated Sterling.
I also think he could play in the same Real team, with Ronaldo.
If our squad doesn’t change much in the summer, we need to sell him, while we can get as much as possible. Like you, I hope we don’t and we clear out, at least the three, I have mentioned above, along with Conte.

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