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by Famous, 01/06, 07:42

I get that and I appreciate you’re coming from a different angle here, but it still doesn’t stop tourists from coming to the games to experience an authentic English football match/stadium and spending their money. The club are also getting a ridiculous amount of revenue from the TV deals.
Chelsea’s ‘brand’ has become famous and successful because of what’s happened on the pitch.
They’ve got a similar set-up to what you’re referring to at the Etihad. It’s pleasant enough but it’s so sterile. Look at what’s happened with West Ham’s move, for example. I preferred Maine Road and Upton Park. I‘d rather go to Goodison and Selhurst Park. I’m not going for the ‘customer experience’ and nor are the vast majority of fans, in fact being seen as a customer is likely to piss off most regular match-goers.

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