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by Famous, 01/06, 13:50

I appreciate you’ll know more about all this than I do, but is the worry with millennials not so much that they expect a sanitised, more American style experience at a game now, more that their football viewing habits now make it more likely that they’ll just sit at home watching games or highlights or clips of goals etc. on their phones and tablets, rather than actually go to games? Which then leaves the match-going types, who are a different breed, and prefer the older style way of viewing football.

The alcohol law’s a different issue and I don’t think it matters what the stadium’s like, the culture of having a beer in a pub will usually win out over having a beer in the ground. I think that’s probably the biggest difference with English football fans and fans of sports in other countries. I could only see that kind of thing changing slightly if they allow drinks in the stands, but I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

I feel with the way the world’s going, it won’t be long before you can log on in China or Australia and choose where in the Bridge you want to sit and you’ll have a virtual reality view of the match happening as though you were there live in that seat. The amount of money clubs will make (and are making) from TV/online rights would then, more than ever, dwarf the extra few quid they’d make in having a few more people buying more food & drink at a match.

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