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by Droy263, 01/06, 11:38

Yeah I get that and maybe we have a solid base for another 20 or 30 years but these kids opt for technology and some buy a car cause its got wifi. Other stadiums have gyms around certain sports so that you can go for a workout during the game!! Bizarre I know. You cant stand still and the ground needs to move on and TV money may not be about for ever, so all the income from Food booze is vital. Foreigners think we are nuts that we shut food and drink out at half time etc. Cant drink in our seats. I know the hisotry and the laws but you can make these places nicer to visit. Why do 70% of the crowd arrive in the last 30 mins in the uk. Cause the experience and facilities are poor. Even wembley suffers when chelsea go there against say saints, as we turn up later cause the beer price, queues, poor service. Im not saying sit in an armchair with a foot massage but it could be a bit nicer. I will save my thoughts on tech, lighting and sound for another day.

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