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by RF_Admin @, 15/11, 14:58

Just saw your post on CI (yes I was lurking) re this site. Here's some answers:

Who's behind this site?

Just me really. A web developer by trade and a veteran of the Chelsea Rivals site. Started this out of frustration with other sites that never responded to feedback, were far too slow, had no design, no consideration that people now view sites on mobile devices, and had really annoying ads. This site is truly independent.

How long before it starts to slow down because of increased traffic?

It wont - in fact the speed of the current server is arguably overkill for the current traffic but I wanted to future-proof it. At the first sign of it slowing down (unlikely) I will upgrade it. And that's an instant thing.

How long before they need to show adverts to pay for the bandwidth?
There will only ever be the current 3 ad slots - top, right-hand side and bottom. There will never be any video ads, any pop ups or anything annoying. Ever.

Do we really need another forum?
Not any old forum that looks and runs like all the others, no we don't. However call me biased but this is the best I've seen on a mobile, I've optimised it as much as is humanly possible so it's very fast-loading, clear on screen, and puts the user content first above cramming ads into every spare inch of screen.

Any other questions, then post away...