P302Rivals Football - Hull City AFC
by mussiesredhat, 16/11, 11:47

There seems to be a lack of text enhancements such as bold, italics, etc.

Also, this morning, for a strange reason I tried to create a heading longer than: "Shock. Horror. HDM Blasts HCC" It would not allow me? Have you introduced a character restriction on the length of heading? I know that I created a longer heading a couple of days ago.

Keep up the work and let's see more of the old Rivals crowd, whether they be still in attendance at games, or indeed if they have done as I am considering, by giving up on the artificial hype of Murdoch's Premiership.

The concept of the 'Sports Mail Fan' used to have a term for those who, though fans at heart through and through, chose a temporary stay away to follow through the local green newspaper. With the demise of old-fashioned media, perhaps, the contemporary phrase may develop as the 'Rivals Fan'.