P302Rivals Football - Hull City AFC
by RF_Admin @, 16/11, 12:36

Thanks for the that, it's appreciated.

There's never been text formatting on here, like the old site, just think it's not really necessary and keeps things simple. However what I can do is add any other smilies/animated gifs you may feel are required (come on it's crucial). And you can also add YouTube videos within a post, just by pasting the code between the youtube tags.

The maximum length of a post's subject is 30 characters. The reason for this is that it keeps everything clear and concise in thread and topic view, and on all devices.

As the Chelsea board proves (and this one it seems) the type of supporter on rivalsfootball is indeed one who actually goes, or at least who has gone in their time before they were priced out, and who just 'gets it', rather than is told it by the media.