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YFull of bad wools on here!
by Reg_User, 08/12, 11:32

What a strange accusation - is that what you're doing, asking a true scouse of places you can talk about - but he's f*cked you off because you haven't spoke about anywhere in Liverpool - unless that Welsh language you used was something about it? Perhaps - I don't know, I don't speak that language at all. You on the other hand seem fluent in it as far as I'm concerned. You also seem very aware of the Geography - Deeside? Who knows where that is? Not me Wool. Are the Valleys really that good?

Why are you so embarrassed about coming from Taffy land little fella? There's no shame to it. Be proud of your daffodil, hold that Leak aloft - sing about the valleys. It makes you a Wool but it puts you at home in Goodison with all the other Welshmen.