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bad wools on here!
by Chemical Ali, 08/12, 16:09

What the feck are you on about Gwynne? seriously i have got to you , read through the whole thread, apologies its in Englaish and its not your mother tongue like, but you are just recycling everything i've said to you.Are you disabled?

You keep refering to Google, lad i dont need google, you still could'nt find the Tin mine on Google you soft kunt hahaha.Bad bad freak pretending to be a Scouser.

Go and sow you Joey Jones patch on your Duffle coat you bad tit.

I've wrote you off badly on this thread lad, i'm beggining to feel slighlty sorry for you:-D

Anyway i've got *work to do,speak soon Dafydd, you bad bluffer.