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by upthechels @, 02/01, 11:00

I think a few boardrooms at the top are alarmed by the form of City and the huge gap they have created. This may see City spend less and the ambitious splash out. I reckon Chelsea will be very concerned and will have a right go at the market this summer. I honestly don't see Tammy or RLC returning any time soon mate. City have possibly damaged our youth being eased in if anything. I think the bolster card was used this season in truth but it wasn't good/strong enough to see off City. Now we play catch up again.

Personally, I don't think City are the footballing gods the experts and the media portray them to be. CFC yet again failed to build on success and have fallen short of last seasons exploits. ..see also Spurs. United, Arsenal and Liverpool are pretty much on a par with last season. City are the only club that have actually improved imo. I think the rest are happy just to improve and secure top 4....Roman is the one who truly wants and needs all that glitters...with that in mind I forecast 2 or 3 very big signings this summer as we look to close the gap and jump ahead. That will cost us the exit of many young players. It's easier to say who is safe from the exit door and I'm left with one...Ampadu - the only one I think Conte has plans for. The rest will be loaned or sold. Even Ampadu could be loaned but I think he has a real chance under Conte.

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