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by Famous, 02/01, 12:32

One thing that’s easy to forget is that it’s down to the players as well; people often say we should have kept RLC and Abraham in the squad, but they surely want and need to play games regularly and they won’t be able to do that here, so better for them to be first choice elsewhere than third choice here.
From what I hear, the club rated Solanke more than they do Tammy, however they took a calculated risk to keep the latter because he’d be happier to go on loan for a year or two and then maybe come back as a back-up striker, whereas Solanke felt he could go somewhere permanently and play more often with a better chance of being the main man.
Chalobah was one I thought might become a squad player in the way you’re referring to, but again from what I can gather, he didn’t want that and wanted to play every week elsewhere.

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