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Liverpool FA Cup 82
by cfcww, 06/03, 16:50

After the Liverpool game we beat Cardiff at home, then lost to Norwich (Promoted) & Wrexham both away, before the Liverpool game we lost to Watford (Promoted) which was no shame during that season

The first paragraph of my post says we were shit and continued to get worse before it got better. The point is the manager didn't look at that game and think "I'll take a 1-0 loss and try and set us up so we don't to get gubbed". Another point is, that losing to Norwich and Wrexham wasn't a problem, we weren't any good and the club was in a mess.

I appreciate it was a cup game and we had nothing to lose but in reality Liverpool were around 30 places higher than us in the league, it wasn't 1st playing the 5th placed team who were reigning champions containing at least a few players who could hurt them.

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